Episode 004 – The Last Jedi Pt. 2

I’m a little late in getting the word out, but our discussion of The Last Jedi was so spirited (no pun intended) and went so long that we split it into two parts. The 2nd and final part is now online and available for your listening pleasure. iTunes has it, or you can listen via Soundcloud (also embedded below).

Episode 004, like our last episode, features Rachel Parker and Joey Ammons.


Rachel Parker is a co-founder of GeekGirlBrunch (@geekgirlbrunch) an international meet-up group for geeky women. She is a member of the NYC-based ASOIAF fan group @FireandLunch and you can hear her talk about Thrones on the @FireandLunch #Piecast. Her current passion-project is Read This F*cking Book (@rtfbpodcast) –  trading genre book recs with co-host and guests in the never-ending quest for her next favorite book. You can find her mostly talking about Star Wars @DarthRachel.

Joey Ammons is a concept artist at Macy’s Parade Studio. His Instagram is @powerkid.exe.


Light (side) and Dark (side) beers:

Light — Other Half Space Diamonds IPA

Dark — Other Half We’ve Been Out There in Orbit Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel Aged w/ Coffee & Coconut)